Our Select Coffee 100 % Arabica Coffee


Royal Sumatra

This blend has a slightly earthy flavor and herbal nuances, giving a heightened taste experience.

Kona Blend

So rich, so full bodied, so Hawaiian! A blend of the unique and extravagant Kona coffee and mild Central Americans. That coffee lovers truly love.

100% Colombian Supremo

A medium bodied coffee, 100% Colombians full aroma and clean winning flavor. Makes it of the most popular coffees.

Dock Street

Experience old world flavor. This blend is characterized by a spicy aroma and a rich heavy body.

Cafe Francaise

This dark gourmet blend is a distinctive, richly fragrant coffee inspired by international bistros and cafes. Ideal for adding a classic touch to your menu.

Moca Java

A traditional mixture of wine-like acidic Mocha and sweet, heavy-bodied Java style Aribicans represents coffee blending at its finest. Making it a truly luxurious and delicious cup of coffee.

Italian Roast

Italian Roast is one of our darkest coffee roasts. Roasting produces a sweet and soft taste profile. Italian Roast can be used in an espresso machine at a temperature of 180 degrees or lower.

French Roast

This coffee is characterized as a spicy aroma, medium acidity, a rich heavy body and a dark roasted aroma.

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